Project Credits

Pepe Rovano


Master in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Ferrara, Italy. He is a PhD candidate from the Universidad of Valparaíso and a scholar of the National Commission for Science and Technology
(CONICYT, Chile) where he is researching interactive narratives in Latin America and developing “Memorial Rocas AR” as his thesis project.

Pepe has developed a career as a documentary director and producer. He has directed “L’eco della Bici” (Italy, 2006 Audience Prize at the X Festival Documentary in Europe – Torino 2006), “Three Steps to the Return” (Spain 2009), “Tawantinsuyo” (Peru 2006) and “Ada” (Italy 2012).

Recently he has been awarded the chilean Audiovisual Fund for the development and production of his interactive documentary project “Black Demon Team”. He has also been funded by the Chilean Consejo Nacional de Televisión (CNTV ) for the production of the documentary series “Without Borders”, aired on national Chilean television during 2018. In 2019 he released the book “Escritos Desobedientes. Historias de hijas, hijos y familiares de genocidas por la memoria, la verdad y la justicia” published by the Editorial Marea (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Natalia Cabrera


Media artist and interactive storyteller based in Santiago de Chile. Her work expands from documentary filmmaking, interactive installations to virtual reality worlds and AR apps. She has a Bachelor degree in Film Production from Universidad de Chile and Masters degree in Media Arts from ITP, New York University as a scholar of the Chilean Council of Science and Technology.
She is currently working as a producer and interactive narratives designer at “Memorial Rocas AR” project, an augmented reality documentary about a place that no longer exists. She also directs “Buller’s Drop VR”, a virtual reality experience where the audience can become a mushroom and live its reproductive cycle. Both projects are financed by the Ministry of Culture of Chile.

Examples of previous interactive installations produced by Natalia Cabrera:

Totoral Films & Media Lab

Production Company

Totoral Films & Media Lab is an award winning company located in Viña del Mar, Chile, dedicated to audiovisual and transmedia production, specializing in documentary films, TV series, interactive and immersive experiences (360o-VR-AR- MX). Their productions have participated in important festivals and international audiovisual markets, such as Casual Connect (San Francisco, USA), DokLeipzig (Leipzig, Germany), Doc Sheffield (UK), Festival of Locarno (Switzerland), Ventana Sur (Argentina), Rio Content Market (Brazil) and DocMontevideo (Uruguay).

Examples of previous work:

Brillo Colectivo

Co-Production Company 

Brillo is a digital studio and art collective based in Santiago of Chile. Co-founders Paola G. Olea and Javier Garay both have a background in motion graphics and interaction design, as well as creative coding and 3d animation. Brillo’s work is based on the emotional response of their audiences, telling stories through interactive pieces that explore the possibilities of experiential art and design. Their work has been commissioned by several important art and educational institutions in Chile, such as Mirador Interactive Museum (MIM), Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda (CCPLM), Centro Gabriela Mistral (GAM) and Carmen Museum of Maipú.

Examples of previous work:

Navi Soluciones

Web & Pyme Lab 

Navi is a digital communications & web design studio based in Iquique, extreme north of Chile. Founder Nicolas Berrios Vergara has a degree in Multimedia & Digital Communications from Universidad del Pacífico de Chile, and further studies in storytelling, facilitation of learning experiences and other technologies.

Navi is accountable of Memorial Rocas web experience, making the information and rich media contents accesible through a usable and responsive web interface. Their labor is being valued by several small business and companies in Chile, and media agencies in Europe.

Examples of previous work:

  • “Paleontología Museo Regional de Iquique”, digital catalog for the Paleontologic Collection of Museo Regional de Iquique
  • “Poesias Visuales”, rich media poetry project, to promote reading habits in young population 
  • “Telefonica Digital Partners”, company portfolio of solutions, for Telefonica Chile’s tech partners.